Happy Society

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Scout by Abicus is happy to introduce our newest candle label, Happy Society. Their range of candles, mists & incense are designed & curated by a small team. Happy Society uses quality all natural ingredients sourced from sustainable & fair trade suppliers. Something that us here at Scout think is very important.

All HS candles are made with pure essential oils & a natural vegetable wax, all hand blended in their Geelong Studio. We love supporting small businesses and we hope you do too!


Happy Society was created in 2014 by Shani. Candle & fragrance obsessed since her early 20s. Shani is currently studying Aromatherapy to further her knowledge for herbs & natural fragrance.

Happy Society has various fragrances all made in Australia from sustainably sourced ingredients from around the globe.

One of our favourite pieces are the Palo Santo Incense sticks. Sustainably sourced from the fallen branches of Ecuadorian trees, Palo Santo is native to South America & steeped in ancient tradition.

This tree is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. Burn this beautiful wood and move about your home to promote wellbeing, creativity & purify the space. 


If incense burning isn’t your thing, but you still want to get the same benefits from Palo Santo. It also comes in a mist form. Made from a unique blend of Palo Santo, White Sage, Rose & citrus essential oils, it helps raise those good vibrations throughout your space.

White Sage is native to Southern California & Northwest Mexico & used in many Native American ceremonies. This sacred herb has many healing benefits and it is used for cleansing & purifying as well as clearing the lungs & negative energies.

Damask Rose is the symbol of love & beauty, It is traditionally known to originate from the Middle East. This delicate scent is calming & uplifting, allowing us to let go of any negativity.


Happy Society has four essential oil candles at the centre of their collection. Each candle is hand blended with an all natural vegetable wax (Coconut & Soy) and is synthetic fragrance free.

Sweet & refreshing citrus notes of Mandarin, Clementine & Juniper Berry

A forrest. Warm, Grounding notes of Cedarwood Atlas from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco blended beautifully with Fir Needle & French Cypress

An uplifting Australian native essential oil blend, fresh base notes of eucalyptus with crisp mid & top notes of lemon myrtle & Manuka.

Always Sunny
A bright & cheerful summer blend of floral & citrus notes of Rose Geranium, Bergamot with a hint of Basil

Pop into Scout by Abicus and give them a try! You’re sure to find a favourite!

Meet "Seaside Tones"

Say Hello to Seaside Tones, the newest clothing label to grace the shelves of Scout by Abicus.

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Seaside Tones is a Polish fashion label established in 2016 by creative duo Anna and Michal Rutko. The collection was created to offer unique and high quality products inspired by the colours of the sea. Anna and Michael are photographers, influencers and founders of lifestyle blog: www.mammamija.pl

Following their great success with the brand in Europe, they decided to bring Seaside Tones to Australia.


Seaside Tones is comprised of a unique collection of minimalist wardrobe items. All in a stunning neutral palette. The sturdy Baltic linen is pre washed, which means it is soft and drapes beautifully over the subject.


All pieces from Seaside Tones are ethically and consciously made in Poland.

At the heart of the label is the highest quality pure Baltic linen, which is renowned all over the world.
All fabrics in every piece are coloured using natural dyes.

Head into Scout today to have a closer look at this exquisite range.