Meet "Seaside Tones"

Say Hello to Seaside Tones, the newest clothing label to grace the shelves of Scout by Abicus.

seaside tones title image.jpg

Seaside Tones is a Polish fashion label established in 2016 by creative duo Anna and Michal Rutko. The collection was created to offer unique and high quality products inspired by the colours of the sea. Anna and Michael are photographers, influencers and founders of lifestyle blog:

Following their great success with the brand in Europe, they decided to bring Seaside Tones to Australia.


Seaside Tones is comprised of a unique collection of minimalist wardrobe items. All in a stunning neutral palette. The sturdy Baltic linen is pre washed, which means it is soft and drapes beautifully over the subject.


All pieces from Seaside Tones are ethically and consciously made in Poland.

At the heart of the label is the highest quality pure Baltic linen, which is renowned all over the world.
All fabrics in every piece are coloured using natural dyes.

Head into Scout today to have a closer look at this exquisite range.