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Tegan S.

Tegan's smiling face has been seen in Scout since mid 2015 where she started off as a casual and has worked her way up to a full time 2IC position. Tegan also manages Scout's social media and website. Her favourite thing about working at Scout would have to be all the relationships she's made with customers over the years.

Outside of Scout, Tegan spends her days blogging and drinking many (instagramming) chai lattes.

Tegan's favourite Scout brands would have to be Afends and Midsummer Star. 




Hannah P.

Hannah has been working at Scout for three years now. Her favourite part of working at Scout is the beautiful customers she has formed friendships with over the years and meeting new incredible women every week. Always keen for chats, smiles and good vibes.  

Outside of work Hannah is studying for her Masters in Primary Teaching. If she's not in at Scout or in the classroom teaching kindy kids she would most likely be cooking up a dinner feast or making raw sweet treats.

Her favourite brands at Scout are Lulu & Rose, Nude Lucy and any of the beautiful linen pieces from Arnhem.


Hannah T.

Hannah has been hanging around Scout for a while now! But officially working here for a bit over 12 months. Her favourite part of working at Scout would have to be getting to meet all the lovely customers and all the new friendships she has made from working here. 

Outside of work life, Hannah has an Advance Diploma in Fashion Design so you can often find her sewing and creating her own outfits! She also has a bit of a green thumb!

Hannah's favourite brand at Scout currently would have to be TWIIN, along with all of the cool sunglasses brands we stock! (Quay / Endless / MinkPink)


Ashleigh P.

Ash has been working at Scout for about 3 or 4 months now. Her favourite thing would have to be chatting to customers! We get some really lovely people in and it’s nice to have a chat with people and get to know our regulars. 

Ash is currently studying a bachelor of communications majoring in Public Relations,  and she also has a few creative projects in the works. Yoga is definitely her daily go to! Still working on that magical headstand though haha. 

Ashleigh's favourite brand changes with every collection but of our most recent it would definitely be Afends or Nude Lucy.

"I’m loving the linen and hemp styles they both have at the moment!"