Meet the Team

A wonderland of fashion & accessories in the heart of Newcastle NSW, scouted out for the female who adores the coastal lifestyle. Scout is for the love of shooting stars, the sun, the moon, the ocean, the desert, rainforest walks, waterfalls, freedom and festivals. A beautifully curated offering of Australia's blossoming fashion scene.


Tiffany M.

Founder, buyer & owner of Scout, Tiff has cut her teeth running the fashion institution that is Abicus since 2000. Music, art, fashion, friends and family is what means the most. Very much the Cooks Hill local having grown up in Bar Beach since she was a girl, it’s her relationship with the coastline, the people of the city, her relationships with both the Scout team and the regular customers, that truly informs the curation of the store. 

With an ever evolving environmental consciousness, the narrative of Scout will continue to organically develop and reflect what Tiff believes to be the ‘real’ need within a retail environment. Tiffs DNA oozes music, having been an avid fan, supporter, zine- writer, photographer and music buyer the last 25 years! She has a MASSIVE vinyl collection and loves nothing more than watching her 2 year old son Leo, dance to his new favourite bands The Babe Rainbow and Courtney Barnett!


Tegan S.

Tegan's smiling face has been shining at Scout since mid 2015 where she started off as a casual and has worked her way up to a full time 2IC position. Tegan also manages Scout's social media content and website. Go T!  Spending her days off blogging and drinking (instagramming) chai lattes is a given and you can check out her fab insta feed @Teegly

The relationships Tegan has made with customers over the years is what she really loves most about working at Scout. Spring 2018, you’ll see her wearing store staples Afends and Midsummer Star most days… true faves!


Hannah T.

The Scout girl with a green thumb and a sewing machine on hand. Hannah has an Advance Diploma in Fashion Design and will simply ‘make it’ if she can’t find it! She has been a regular face at Scout for many many years but officially on the team since 2017.

Hannah is all about live music and sharing time with friends over a glass or two. Like all the Scout girls, the inspiring customers and new friendships formed through working at the store is what she holds dear.


Ashleigh P.

A veteran of fashion retail and currently studying a bachelor of communications (majoring in Public Relations), Yoga and the pursuit of the elusive ‘Magical Headstand’ is definitely her daily go-to! Ashleigh is all about the people, you can read it in her face. It’s this instinctive desire to communicate with her fellow Novocastrian that makes a conversation with Ash organic, real and rewarding… and it’s these conversations with the ever many lovely people she meets in store at Scout daily that keeps her smile glowing!

Oh that, and the Linen and Hemp styles coming through in-store for Spring!